Search leads to a trap (Navigation controls disappear)

I saw another user reported that bug already but couldn’t see any solution yet, so I decided to show it again.
I’m on the latest iOs version, latest scrivener version, using the new iPad Pro.
Screenshot 1.: If I am performing a search and I got a long list of documents found, I may want to scroll down that list on the binder (Screenshot 2).
If I scroll back up, to refine my search or to delete it, in order to get back to the project page, I’m trapped, because the search field disappeared (Screenshot 3).
There is no way to navigate back to the project screen/view and the only way to get out of the trap is to terminate the app and re-start again.
Hope there will be a fix coming.

The workaround is to slide left on any document in the results list, tap “options”, and then tap “Reveal in Binder”. It’s not ideal, but at least I don’t have to restart the app… I certainly hope that there will be an iOS bug repair release soon.

Great workaround, thank you for the hint. That’s indeed better than restarting.
Appreciate your comment.