Search Menubar yields too many results from Navigate > Quick Reference

Greetings - I was searching for the rarely-needed “Lock in Place” command on Search Menubar, and the search term “lock” yielded about 25 entries from Quick Reference, doc titles with Locke and block and clock. But not my desired command.

The search apparently reads the menu left to right and top to bottom; thus, in contrast, a search for “cork” will deliver a raft of corkboard commands before any doc names are displayed. That’s only because corkboard commands are found under View, whereas the document tree is down the menu under Navigate.

Search Menubar would be more useful if it would deliver a split view, assuring that command searches are not preempted by doc titles. The traditional spyglass search does this, compiling separate preview result lists for doc titles and text content. I think that’s the better organizing principle.

Thanks for considering!

Rgds - Jerome