Search needs more options

Search needs more options:

  1. Search the whole manuscript. Selection while in search is a pain. Maybe a Shortcut to “Expand & Select Whole Manuscript.”

  2. It should also find words in the binder.

  3. When searching the whole manuscript, Search needs to give you some indication where you are and if you have reached the end. Maybe a option "forward, reverse, wrap, etc.) The quick flash you have now isn’t enough.

Do you mean to say you are using the document search tool, Cmd-F, to locate terms throughout your entire project? That would be a pain, try using Project Search for that: Ctrl-Opt-F (or just click into the default toolbar). It also finds words in the binder, and in keywords, and in labels, and in synopsis, and in document notes, and in footnotes, and in comments—click on the magnifying glass icon beside where you type stuff in, there are loads of options and you can even save searches for future use.

The idea behind Scrivener is that you shouldn’t generally need to expand the Draft folder all at once like that, so a command dedicated for doing so would be out of place with the design intent of the software. I.e. you don’t need to do that to search the manuscript in the first place, so that’s one less reason to have a button for doing it.

We’re just following Mac standards there. You might try searching in TextEdit, Mail, Safari, etc. That said I don’t know what you mean by a “quick flash”. On my system and any I’ve ever tried, these sorts of indicators are on the screen for a full second. Is it shorter for you?