Search not highlighting the actual search term


I was teaching for a particular word in a project, and the search found the right document fine, but nothing happens in the doc itself - the search term isn’t highlighted, it won’t show me where the word is. Am I in the wrong view or something?

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It would help to have a specific example, which includes the search settings you are using, as well as the search term, so we can try to reproduce the problem, since in general this works fine.

For example if one is running a Document Notes search (perhaps inadvertently, from something they were doing yesterday), and it just so happens that most of the items that have the word in the main text also have it in Notes, you could see a result like you describe.


thanks, the default colour seems to be normal. I’ve just tried it with a different word - it’s in five separate documents, it’s finding it fine - but I click on each one, nothing happens. doesn’t take me to the search term. I’m a bit baffled.

I still do not know if I fully understand the problem as described, but it sounds to me like you are looking for something like this discussion, or the usage tip described in the user manual: §11.1.1, Project Search: The Basic, under subheading, Finding Matches in the Editor.

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Yes, that’s right. I’ve just switched to my iPad to see if it worked okay there and it does - it highlights the first instance of the term in yellow, and then you can cycle through them with the little left and right arrows, as you would expect. it’s just the Mac version I can’t get to work.

Ah the iPad is different. Well I can assure you the Mac/PC is working as expected in this regard. For the reasons given in the other thread, you need to tell the software that scrolling is what you want it to do, with a simple tap of the ⌘G / F3 shortcut, to go from one hit to the next.

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Ah! Well I’d never have worked that shortcut out, so thank you very much.