Search oddity

For the second time in about a month I have had cause to search for a word, that I had used but thought I had removed, across the whole project - resulting in one of my documents appearing in the binder.

Yet when I open that document, the word is nowhere to be found. I have used the ordinary search (with even parts of the word) and it says none. I have looked through the synopsis, document and project notes. Am I missing somewhere else it could be ?

In this particular case I have done an important project wide search and replace of a technical term, and ignored case so as not to leave any stone unturned. It was completely successful except for this oddity … I a worried that it might popup somewhere later.

Project Search includes title, text, document notes, synopsis, keywords, label, status, and custom meta-data. You can limit it to just one or more of these by clicking the magnifying glass icon in the search bar to bring up the menu. Opt-click the Search In ranges to select multiple.

I found the missing word in two keyword definitions.

It would seem therefore that the universal ‘Project Replace’ does not extend to keywords …

You can change keywords for the project directly in the Project Keywords window, which will update the keyword in all documents using it. “Project Replace” gives the options for what it affects in the dialog. It doesn’t convert meta-data like labels, status, and keywords, but all of these can be globally changed in other ways. If you’re only changing it for selected documents, you can do this by running a search, then selecting the documents you want to change and applying the new label or status (creating it first, if necessary) via the context menu for all the documents you select.