Search on keyword + custom metadata


I am using Scrivener 3.0 on Mac.

How do I search for items where certain keyword is present and certain metadata is checked? I know how to do one at a time, but not both. Do I use regex? What would be the syntax for such search?


By holding the Option key while clicking, you can select both “Keywords” and your custom metadata fields for the project search scope. Then you can use the “All” operator and search for both the content of your keyword and the content of your metadata (using “yes” or “1” for the checkbox).

I was able to select title and metadata. My question is, how do I frame my search to search “recap” from title and a meta-data = “needed” from custom metadata? See attached screenshot.

I appreciate your help.

Found the answer. option select title, metadata i want to filter on and all words and entered search string as recap “needed”

I’m sorry, I don’t understand. Option click on the title and metadata where? Is “needed” a search term? Where did you put that?

see screenshot below.