search options "search in" missing label &status[BUG LOGGED]

The tutorial states “you could easily run a search on all chapters that have a particular character as the protagonist by searching on label only (by typing the name of the character in the search field in the toolbar and then choosing “Label”—or “POV” if you have renamed it such—from “Search in” in the search options menu, which can be accessed by clicking on the arrow next to the magnifying glass in the search field).”

but when I click on the arrow next to the magnifying glass the only options under “search in” are:


there is no status or label option, and if I rename either of them it makes no difference.

edit: now realise that keywords should probably be in there too. Nothing in label, status or keywords is found by the search.

I noticed the exact same thing. In fact, it doesn’t search the Labels at all.


  1. I created a Label called “Rand” (I’m reading Wheel of Time books right now, so it seemed appropriate).
  2. I applied the “Rand” Label to some text
  3. I searched for “Rand” and selected “All” for “Search In”
  4. No Results

It appears to completely skip the Labels when searching.

I believe this feature merely isn’t implemented yet; it should be in time.