Search & Replace affects Snapshots

The function of Edit->Find->Find (CTRL-f), when used to replace text in a document, will also change matching text in that document’s snapshots.

Also, the Edit->Find->Project Replace window has the “Snapshots” check-box pre-selected by default. It should not be selected by default, as that could lead to an accidental, irreversible change to many snapshots.

On the first point, is that happening for you with all snapshots at all times, or just with the currently viewed snapshot, and then only if the keyboard focus is in the snapshot preview pane (or I suppose if the snapshot is loaded into the main editor; didn’t try that)? I couldn’t see anything widespread about it, but definitely could modify the preview text in the Inspector with search & replace.

Fortunately, it appears to be a visual bug only. Clicking off to a different binder item then back causes the “edit” to vanish, and as well the RTF file on the disk where this data is stored is fine. Is that what you’re seeing as well?

P.S. Agreed on project replace default settings, especially since these all reset every session. I’ve added that note to the open ticket for this feature.

I’m not sure what happened last time, but the document search & replace is no longer affecting (even just visually) the snapshot). If I have the focus in the snapshot when I invoke Find & then “replace all”, it does visually show that change, but forcing a re-load of that displayed snapshot (I clicked on a different snapshot for that document and then back) shows that the data didn’t change.

So it is indeed just a display bug. Which is a relief.