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Pardon me if this has been asked before. My publisher requires that my footnotes referencing my sources be displayed as endnoots and my clarifying text as footnotes.

This is easy enough. I am writing the footnotes as “inline annotations” and the endnotes as “inline footnotes” and selecting “export inline footnotes as endnotes” in Compile> Settings.

I need to go through my text and convert many inline footnotes to inline annotations for this purpose and it must be done by hand since there is no easy way to codify it. But, the process would be made easier if I could search for inline footnotes so I can go evaluate them efficiently.

Would anyone have a suggestion?

Thank You,

Seems to me you are making life more complicated for yourself than it need be. Firstly, why are you using inline annotations rather than inline footnotes … or is the latter what you intended to say?

I put the temporary citations in inline footnotes, as they are short and don’t interrupt the text so much, and use inspector footnotes for more discursive notes. It’s sorted out in compile and the a minute’s work on my word processor—Mac only, but you must be able to do it in Word.

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Dear Mark,

Thank you but after reading that thread that you referenced, I don’t think it addressed my question which was how to search through inline footnotes so I can reassign them as inline annotations manually, if necessary.

I am not trying to do anything temporary as you suggested nor am I concerned about interrupting the text.


Something that might help you is Edit > Transformations > Convert Inline Footnotes to Inspector Footnotes.
Every Inspector Footnote has a context menu “Convert to Comment”.
As a final step you could perform Edit > Transformations > Convert Inspector Comments to Inline Annotations.

Some combination of the above actions might give you the result you are looking for.

Edit > Find > “Find by Formatting” also allows you to search for text in “Inline Footnotes/Annotations”.

I see. Thank you.