Search/replace for special characters

Is there a way to search for special characters in iOS?
I’ve pasted in half a story from email and there are a lot of automatic line endings. I’d like to replace them with spaces, then replace each two spaces with one. Can’t see how to so this.


  1. Open your search box by tapping the magnifying glass icon.
  2. Tap the gear icon
  3. Select find and replace and regular expression and then tap done
  4. in the top search field, type \n
  5. type your intended replacement in the bottom field. Don’t use a regular expression for it.
  6. proceed to replace.

Hope this helps.

Perfect,thank you.

Is there a list somewhere of those regular expressions?

Is there a list of regular expressions for commonly used “special characters” eg tabs, etc?


Regular expressions (Regex) are used for search and replace by many applications and operating systems. There are lots of online resources.

Hope this helps!

Begob and it doesn’t! I had of course looked up “regular expressions” (or “regex” as I discovered they’re trendily known), but I didn’t find any such list.

Guess I’m just lucky… :smiley: Glad to be of help!

Thanks, sort of. I haven’t a bull’s notion what those lists mean or how to use them in a search and replace operation, but it was nice of you to look. And perhaps the makers of Scrivener will add a normal search and replace method to its next version.