Search & Replace limited to current scene

The Search & Replace is limited to the current scene despite the “Replace All Scope” being set to “Entire File”.

This may have already been documented but I couldn’t find this specific issue.

This is in version Beta 1.55 (Windows 7 OS).

The current scene is the entire file. For a global project replace, there’s a Project Replace feature, but I’m not sure that’s in the Windows version yet. Meanwhile, to get what you want you should be able to select multiple documents (all of them, if you want) and view in a Scrivenings session, then do the find/replace as you’re doing and it will replace in all the loaded documents.

I can confirm that in Beta 1.55 Edit/Find/Find or Edit/Find/Find & Replace works only on the current document. Selecting all documents, or selecting the ‘Draft’ folder or the Outline view does not work - the dialogue box appears but does not update and no ‘found’ words are highlighted or replaced.

You need to select the documents in the binder and have them appearing in a Scrivenings session with the focus in the editor. Doing that and using find/replace in beta 1.55 with “entire file” selected, I am able to replace words across all the documents.

Find is still not working properly. Selected all the documents in the ‘Draft’ folder, used the ‘Show Text View’ display, selected ‘Find’ from the Edit menu, selected ‘Find’, selected Entire File and still get a Text Not Found box (1). Click ‘Yes’ to search from the start of the document and get the Text not found box (2) 'The search text ‘xxxxxxx’ was not found in the document.

Click OK to this box and the found text ‘xxxxxxx’ is highlighted, or may not be. Sometimes you have to repeat the Text Not Found(2) ‘No’ cycle several times until the text is found again. I think you have to repeat the exercise as many times as there are documents prior to the document containing the search item, that is by walking the search routine through each document. Now this may be appropriate behaviour if there was an alternative Project Search command but I don’t see it. It may be that I do not understand the commands - in which case the search (and replace) functionality is non-intuitive.

It seems to work perfectly well within a single document.