search replace not working!

Hi: I’m trying to search/replace several words in my book. When I go to Edit Scrivenings to select my whole book to replace words that say need accents or capitalization it says that it cannot find these words. I do not have this problem when i search/replace in one chapter at a time.

Anyone got solution?

Also do i need to select entire FILE or selected text. And do i need to highlight ALL to make it search properly? (ive tried all these and still no go)

You don’t need to select anything to use the search functions. The only thing that might be tripping you up is that you need to be in the actual text session. Make sure the focus isn’t off in the Binder or the Inspector when you press Cmd-F.

Meanwhile, why not give Project Search and Replace a try? It’s in the Edit menu, under Find. That tool is designed for global replacements.


But does the global replacement affect the “Project Notes” and “Document Notes” sections in the inspector as well. Because so far, the search/replace tool doesn’t seem to be affecting these two sections of Scrivener for me.



It should work for Document Notes; I don’t have any problem with that. Project Notes seems to be exempt, however.


Same story here. Wonder if this’ll be fixed in 2?

Alas, it’s not fixed for the 2.0 preview. Maybe we can sneak it onto the wishlist/bug report before the official release. :wink:

Project notes is exempt from the global find and replace, yes, sorry; that will have to be done using find and replace in the project notes pane. I’ve added it to the list but I can’t promise it will be added for next week’s release given the amount of work left to do. It will get fixed in a minor update in the near future though if not.
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