Search & Replace problem

Hi Keith,
Turning a first person story into a third person story.
Thus, searching for and replacing all instances of: I, with she; me with her; we with they; etc.
Even with ‘ignore case’ unchecked, and ‘whole word’ selected, in the find options, when I click ‘replace all’, I am getting the following:

soshe, corrupted from some
theynt, corrupted from went
and so on.

If I click ‘replace and find’, it’s fine (albeit tedious to go through them one by one).

I would expect ‘replace all’ to find all instances of the selected text (i.e. don’t ignore case, and whole word only), as in other apps, rather than replacing all instances.

Am I missing something? :confused:

Regards, Leigh

iBook G4, 10.4.10, S1.03.

That’s funny, it works fine for me. Are you running the new 1.07 beta?

Mind you, even if it does/did work as expected, I wouldn’t use this feature for what you are doing - too risky. I would do it the hard way.


No, I’m running 1.03.

I tried a new project and the same thing happens. I can narrow it down to the ‘contains/starts with/whole word/ends with’ drop down menu.
If I click ‘next’, or ‘replace & find’, these options work fine. But if I use ‘replace all’, these options have no effect.

I found it a problem once before when I wanted to change a character’s name. He was called Ron, and I wanted to change it Jeff. His name only appeared half a dozen times (no risk there :wink:), but despite selecting ‘whole word’ I ended up with words like wJeffg and fJefft. :frowning:

Being able to ‘replace all’ & ‘whole words only’ is a really useful function for me so, please, can I add it to the wish list?

Regards Leigh

Oh, I think we were talking about different things. I thought you meant “Project Replace” - I didn’t realise you were talking about the normal find & replace feature. Now I see what you mean. Yes, that looks like a bug. I’ll take a look at it.


First time posting here. I’ll gush about the program later, but wanted to tell Leigh that Kafka had written The Castle in 1st person until page 50 or so, then changed everything to the 3rd. Here’s to hoping that Leigh is a happier person than K!

I confess, it is a short story with only five pages, so I’m fine. :smiley: