Search/Replace re: line breaks, tabs, etc

I’m pretty surprised that Scrivener’s find feature can’t find carriage returns and such. I’m trying to clean up text that seems to have imported with too many triple and quadruple line breaks, and I’m pretty dismayed at having to go through and pick them out manually. I can’t think of a word processor or text editor that doesn’t allow search and replace with carriage returns, line breaks, tabs, etc.

To insert special characters into any fields (search fields included), hold down option along with the desired key. This is pretty much universal to OS X applications.

More universal to OS X apps is the ability to simply paste copied text, including tabs and returns, into a find window, and 1. do searches or search/replaces on that text, and 2. learn the symbols for such things within an app by seeing how it pastes in.

Scrivener just gets neurotic when finding for combinations of text, line breaks, and tabs, showing only white space in the find field (which also makes it impossible to edit that field).

? I’m really not sure what you mean. How is the way Scrivener does it different from, say, TextEdit?