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How does one search and replace text in Scrivener for Windows?

What have you tried that didn’t work for you?

I didn’t find that feature in any of the menus so I was wondering how I could get it done.

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When this happens, there is a function to search the menus, where you could try a couple of words (one at a time) that would make sense as part of the function’s name.

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P.S. Since this forum addresses two versions of the software (Mac and Windows), it would be a good thing to specify which one you are using in your profile. (There is a place for that. Easy to find, where you can edit your profile. If you click on a user’s avatar – say, mine – you’ll see which version the user is running. – This helps when answering questions.)

That works great. Thanks! I also edited my profile as you suggested. Thanks again.


Greetings friends. Here’s a different, but related, question about the Search & Replace feature (I’m using the Windows version): Is there a way to search and replace the same word but with a different formatting (e.g., if I want a word through my manuscript to be italicized?) I couldn’t figure this out.
Thanks as always.

No. It works for content, but not for formatting.

One thing you can do is display your documents as a scrivening, and when the Find function (Edit/Find/Find...) finds an instance, it is already selected. All you have to do is hit Ctrl+i then Next.

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Thanks Vincent for your prompt and helpful response. A good work-around. Happy New Year. --Joe

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