Search results and inserting PDF into Research

I downloaded a PDF and I wanted it to be a document in my Research folder. The drag and drop didn’t work, so I tried a search. The search was unsuccessful, and now I cannot get rid of or turn off the search results pane that has replaced the binder. I tried going to help, and it looked as though I could uncheck an option, but what I did failed to work. So now I can’t get rid of the search results, even when I exit the project and come back again. How do I do that?

And, while I’m asking, how do I get a PDF moved into Scrivener as a document in the Research folder?

Any help and advice greatly appreciated.

As far as the first question, you should see a small X in a circle in the Binder footer; clicking that will take you back to the normal Binder view. You can also click the “Collections” icon to open that view so you see all the tabs–“Search Results” is a collection–and you can then select the “Binder” tab and return to that view.

For the PDF import, I’m not sure why that didn’t work, so someone more enlightened will have to help. Make sure the .pdf extension wasn’t removed, and then maybe try again or try File>Import>Files… and select it that way (being sure you have the “Research” folder selected in the Binder first).

Many thanks for the quick and helpful response. I got rid of the empty search results panel, was able to use file import to put the PDF into my research folder, and am humming along again.

I’m also partial to just hitting the Esc key when I’m done searching. You have to be in the search toolbar for that to work, and to get there you can press Ctrl-Cmd-F.

Can also hit the circled “x” in the search bar. So many options. :slight_smile:

And (if the search results aren’t empty), Opt-Cmd-R!

In which case there’s also the context menu choice to reveal in binder!

Or there’s always View>Collections>Binder.