search results as the found word + surrounding context, e.g. +/- 10 words?


There are times when I’d like a more fine-grained search tool. Does anyone know if Scrivener can do this, or if there is some ad-on?

For example, I’m looking for the word “table”, and I want to see how I’ve used it. But going through the Binder Search Collection is too cumbersome. I just want to see each occurrence I’ve used the term, and some context, maybe the sentence, or two sentences, or +/- a certain number of words.


I don’t think there’s anything like that, but you can use CMD-g to search for the next instance that matches in your search collection. That’s worked for me.

I agree, this would be great. In fact I think I posted something similar about six months ago. Done right it would let scrivener replace QDA software that runs $600+ .

Actually I was thinking of this post re including the document path, also concerned with improving search results: … hp?t=37489