Search Results column, Find Results highlight color issues

  1. the Search Results column overlays the Binder column as if it’s a transparency. Therefore, if the background colors of both columns are both grey, the Search Results background color will be black. Instead of just affecting the background color of the Search Results, changing the color in the Appearances settings will change the top bar of the search results (where it says “Search Results”).

  1. the Find Results Highlight (both main and alternate) do not change the default electric yellow. Tested multiple times with Scriv restart.

I realize now that the Find Search refers to a single text file and that the bright yellow search result color is related to PROJECT SEARCH. But I cannot find a way to change the highlight color of a Project Search result.

I could not duplicate your problem of the search results/binder colors. Are you using Scrivener V3? The Project Search highlight color is controlled here:
[attachment=0]Project Search highlight.png[/attachment]

ah thank you!!

As the yellow default highlight color is disfunctional in a dark theme (yellow highlight over white text) I am looking for this exact information. Unfortunately, the posted screenshot is missing/not visible. Could you please briefly describe the location in text?
Thank you!

The Project Search highlight color is set under File/Options/Appearance/Textual Marks/Colors/Search Results Highlight.

Found it, thanks a lot!