Search Results + Folders

I searched for a folder named “Hume” in which I have files. However, the “Search Results” only allowed me to click on the folder “Hume”, but not open it (as in the Binder) to see its contents.


I tried this and confirm. It opens as if it were an empty"scrivening".

Clicking on corkboard or outliner shows the files inside.
Clicking on “scrivening” shows de text inside…

This is how it should work by default. Reason being: the search system returns only those items which match the search terms, so if something about that folder caused it to return in the search, the folder should be presented as a text file (which it is). So you are viewing the folder’s text, which sounds like it is empty in this case. As Lilith points out, if it is your intention to actually then navigate that folder you can use any of the group view modes to do so.

If you don’t like this behaviour—most likely if you never write into folders themselves—then you can disable it in your Navigation options tab. “Show folder text when selected from search results”.