Search results format

When I search for a term or phrase (on iPadOS) I am getting a single spaced item for some results and a multiple spaced (6* ?) entries for other items (in the same search results list). If I change the search, say by expanding the search phrase, documents which had been been multiple spaced in the last results list may (or may not) be listed single spaced in the new search results list. I cannot find any pattern in this and the same searches on OSX give normal spaced results lists.
The documents are simple without trailing spaces in the title and without synopses, notes etc.
I have been doing very little searching on my iPad recently so I don’t know when the bug (assuming there is one) arose.
This effect is very inconvenient because a short results list can end up stretched over several screens, making it difficult to review the results and decide which are of most interest.

Duplicate copy.