Search results highlighted in binder?

I’ve come to depend on Scrivener. Good job!

The way I work, I tend to get ideas and need to work on them quickly before I lose my train of thought. Since I always have Scrivener up and running, I just add a new entry in a temp folder. But then I need to put it in the “right” place. There are usually several possible ‘right’ places.

It would nice if I could ‘search’ on keywords and the results would not return a search pane, but just (I use the word lightly) highlight each of the entries in the binder (and the search word in the displayed text, synopsis and notes panes). That way I have a fighting chance of figuring out where I might put this new note.

Alternately, the search results pane replaces the binder pane, which makes it particularly difficult for me to work from. Is there a way to move it off, say to separate window or something?



To do what you want:

Do your search.
Select everything in the search panel, so that all items appear as index cards on the corkboard.
Lock in Place (opt-cmd-L) the corkboard.
End the search.
Drag items off the corkboard to wherever you want them.
Unlock the corkboard (opt-cmd-L again) when you have finished.

All the best,

Thanks for the advice!
I’ll see if I can work it into my routine. At first try it’s rather awkward.
What is terrific about Scrivener is how the software facilitates your work rather than getting in the way, how all the various aspects of ones work is right there and immediately accessible.