Search results not sorted

couldn’t find this on the forum.

Search results do not seem to be sorted - ie. on the left panel the folders are displayed that contain the search query but the folders do not seem to be sorted in any way.
Ideally it would be nice to have options to sort these (size, chronological order etc), but at the very least it should be sorted in the same order as the draft/origincal document.



Hi Bart,

This is a known bug, although I might not’ve gotten it onto the forum post. But it’s on the list, since yes, they should certainly be sorted in binder order as you anticipate. There won’t be other options to sort the results in the binder, but this sort of ability will be coming ultimately to the outliner, so that you’ll be able to sort by most of the different columns available–e.g. modified date, title, status, label, word count, etc. Once that’s in place, you’ll be able to also use that to rearrange the binder or static collections as well.