Search Results Tab on Left Side Not Going Away

Sometime in the last week or so, I did a search in my Scrivener project for the phrase “flight”.

Since then, the Search Results tab appears in my list on the left at all times.

I’ve tried clicking the X next to the keyword in the search bar, and clicking the X at the bottom left of the pane when Search Results is selected.

Each time, the phrase disappears, it switches to my Binder tab, but the Search Results tab remains in my list. If I click Search Results again, it switches back to the search results and puts “flight” back in the search bar.

It’s pretty obnoxious having the big black “Search Results” bar at the top of my list all the time, and then two instances of “Binder” directly beneath it. Is there no way to get rid of the Search Results tab after doing a search?


Both the “Binder” and “Search Results” tabs are static, they can’t be removed as they both provide special functions of the software. In the case of the “Binder” tab, it’s pretty obvious what that does. With Search Results what that persistent tab lets you do is recall the last search you ran at any point in the future. This is saved into the project so you can even close and open it again and get back to the last search you were running.

There is no way to remove the tab, but you can certainly hide it, which may be good enough. Try clicking the “Collections” button to the right of the binder button itself. That’s a persistent setting, they won’t come back unless you choose to reveal tabs.

Yes, this is actually desirable behavior, as it can be handy to recall your last search without having to retype it.

In your screen shot, it doesn’t appear that you’ve created any Collections for this project, so as Ioa suggests, you might as well hide the Collections view by toggling the Collections button. This is the approach I take for projects that don’t have collections.

Doing so will not hinder project searches, which will still show in the binder as always when you enter search terms. And you can still recall your last search by toggling back the Collections view again.

Awesome. Thank you both very much for the help! Toggling off Collections resolved my issue.

(And now I learned about Collections too, which I haven’t tried before. So I’ll have to try those now too!)

Thanks again.

Collections are great! They can store searches as well, so you can have more than one result list if you need it.


@jaugustine, the manual has a lot of detail on Collections. Also, check out this article, which is a nice summary. Be sure to check out the comments at the bottom, which contain some cool ways to use them, along with links to other articles.

As Ioa mentions, you can store searches as collections, and I get a lot of mileage out of that. If I am writing a scene and have a question or realize that I have some follow-up, I’ll make a note of it in the document’s Notes, something like this:

QUESTION: Why doesn’t he use the other door?

TO DO: Mention his dog’s fleas here.

Then I create two case sensitive searches that only look in document Notes, one for QUESTION and the other for TO DO, and save those searches as Collections.

Then, when I feel like working on questions, it’s super easy to go to my Collections and pull up a list of docs that have questions in them.


Oh wow, that’s a really cool idea, Jim. That makes a lot of sense!

Thank you for taking the time to share that – and for the link – I’ll read through that this weekend and give Collections a go. And thanks for the continued help, loa! I really appreciate you all taking the time to help.

I agree that the functionality of being able to revisit previous searches is a nice feature, but being unable to forcibly clear it is NOT a good feature. If your project is massive, and the search includes a ton of hits, opening up the search bar for the first time after a fresh Scrivener launch makes it load for a sometimes annoyingly long period, due to it no longer being cached (note that I’m sitting on a high end desktop, and it still annoys me). In my opionion, there should be some way to forcibly clear the search. Searching for something that you know produces zero hits is a working solution, but poor design – you’d have to remember to search for it as the last thing you do every time before closing Scrivener.

Edit: upon finalizing this feedback, I returned to Scrivener and realized that I’m always clicking the Search Results collection before typing in the Search box. The fault was mine. I just need to change this habit to avoid my inconvenience.