Search Results Will Not Clear

I have clicked the X in both the search results, and the Search section, but I still have that empty space pushing the Binder down. It’s not really affecting anything, it’s just freaking annoying because I know that it’s there and won’t go away. What can I do?

Do you mean that the left hand bar is showing collections as well as the binder?

If so, click on the binder icon (top left) arrow and choose Hide Collections. There’s a similar command somewhere on the View menu. Not at MAC to test, sorry.

No, the actual search results. I know what Collections are lol.

With your cursor in the search box, click the disclosure triangle indicated in the image and choose Hide Project Search.

Does that do what you want?

Hide Project Search.jpg

I always just hit the Esc key when I’m done searching. Twice if I need to clear the term first since the first Esc resets for a new search.

I think it would be a lot more annoying if the field vanished whenever you clicked away from it.

Ah Ok – wasn’t clear from your description.

As well as the other tips, you can just repeat the shortcut key: cmd-shift-f toggles the search field on and off.

No, that’s not what I want to do… I need my Project Search, I just need a way to completely clear it when I am done with each individual search.

Yeah, I’ve tried that. Then when I go back to search for something else later and click to search, the old search results come up highlighted. It’s more than mildly frustrated lol.

I thought I was completely clear in my description, as I never mentioned “Collections”, and ONLY mentioned the “Search” issue…

Never mind. You clarified it in the end.

So, did cmd-shift-f work or not?

In your first post you said you wanted to get rid of the “empty space pushing the Binder down”. What is that space if not the box we have all mentioned?

I’m not sure how to identify it actually. I’m partially sighted mind you, whenever I do a search, it pushes the Binder down, and sometimes it stays down. That’s not the same as GOING to said search results though, it’s ON the Binder side of things.

The only thing (when I use S3 on my Mac) that pushes the Binder down is the search box itself. All of the ways listed above work to close the search box and return the Binder to its default position.

At a loss to know what is happening on your installation.