search shortcut (a browsing timesaver!)

Hey all,

Didn’t know where to drop this, so I went for ‘Software by Other Folk’.

I only now discovered something called ‘Search Shortcuts’. In short this means you can type in ‘google writing software’ in your addressbar, press enter and it’ll take you to a Google search result page.

But not just Google! Any site offering a ‘search’ option can become a shortcut (hello,!)

It depends on your browser how to set it up:

  • Safari: seems unable to do it

  • Firefox: Wikipedia has a nice explanation

  • OmniWeb: you can manually set them in Preferences: Shortcut, or right-click a search-box and select ‘add search shortcut’

It has apparently existed for a very long time but I only discovered it this week (yes, I live under a very nice rock).

I also found this link to with several suggestions for sites you can easily search.

Imagine how easy it’ll be to have one word translated, or look up the definition of a word.

Will this end procrastination? I think not! :wink:

Just wanted to let you know, and hoping I’m not the only one who didn’t know all this time.



Safari can’t do it natively, but the excellent and free Inquisitor plug-in will add the functionality, and a hell of lot more besides. I’ve been using it for about a year, and frankly I’m now lost without it.

I’m missing something here.
Safari has its own Google search window, to the right of the URL location window.
Google is the default search, but try wikipedia: Stockport, UK
You still get a Google listing, but the wikipedia article is the first listed.
This built in Google searcher is one of the better features in Safari.

Another reason to use it, if you like your keyboard shortcuts - the keyboard command to open a new tab puts the focus in the address bar. Just start typing your search command, no need to move to the search field separately.

That said, I use the search field defaulted to google in camino most of the time. Never developed the habit of using the address bar search.

I’ve only recently (about a week) started doing it, mainly because I took on that mouse-less challenge. Because I have to tab into a page the searchbar became a nuisance, it meant I had to tab extra. So I cleaned up my toolbar in OmniWeb, and removed unwanted items like the searchbar, forcing me to use the addressbar.
It does fit my attempt to minimise what I can, why have a seperate searchbar if you can use the addressbar for it?


The new webbrowser from Google, Chrome, doesn’t have two separate search fields, one for webadresses and one for websearches. Pretty logic really. If you want to look up a webadress and some obscure info, why write the adress in one field and the search in another.
Only for windows as yet though.
Check out the info in comic form:
Drawn by Scott McCloud, someone I’m sure Antony are very familiar with.

Thanks for pointing me in this direction. This plug-in is exactly what Safari was missing.

Anthony, thanks for the heads up on Inquisitor.


This webbrowser might dance and sing and make coffee for me, I wouldn’t use it. Google knows already enough about me. 8) 8) 8)

Yes, indeed. :slight_smile: