Search with keywords


I’m wonder if is possible to make a search with more than only 1 keyword using a combination of keywords.
i.e.: jhon + house


It’s absolutely possible. In the search tool in the toolbar, there’s a loupe icon. Click on it and make sure that you have “Keywords” and “All Words” selected in their respective sections, and that all other options selected there make sense. Then just enter all the keywords you want to search for. Change “All Words” to “Any Word” if you want to find documents that only have one of those words applied to them, rather than all of them applied to the same document.

Note that if your keywords have spaces in them, the search will treat each individual word as a partial match. In other words, the keyword “main character”, when entered in the search tool, will match to any keyword that contains “main” or “character”. “Secondary character” would also get picked up in a search for “main character”, because both keywords contain the word “character”. To avoid this, join up the individual words in your keyword with _ or RunTheWordsTogether using title case. You can edit your keywords in the floating keywords panel, and all applied keywords will change to match.

Note also that if you bring up the floating Keywords panel, you can drag keywords into the project search field, so you don’t have to worry about typos.