Search within footnotes?

How to search within footnotes and comments, is there a way? So far I don’t see this feature on the dropdown arrow under search.

Just to confirm you’re using Project Search (Edit > Find > Project Search… or ctl-opt-F or click in the search bar in the top right hand corner).

When you click on the small microscope icon in the search bar, select “All” from the drop down Search in menu. Footnotes and comments aren’t specifically mentioned, but they are included in the “All” option.

Relevant documents will then be collected in the left hand panel.

Yes, I am using Project Search. I checked the small microscope icon, set “All” but still the corresponding word is not selected in my long document. The search goes only at the level of file, not word. Is there a way to spot a name within footnotes?

Sorry, I’d misunderstand what you wanted.

I’ve just looked in the manual, and I wonder if ctl-cmd-opt-F “Find by Formatting” (p272) and selecting “Comments & Footnotes” gets nearer to what you want? I’ve done a brief test and this time it seems to highlight location, but note that it seems to highlight the anchor in the main text, not the individual word in the footnote.

Hi, thanks for your reply. You know, formatting finder helps, but it does not solve the problem. Especially in the case of long documents. The ideal solution would be to select the footnote itself. As of now, the footnote panel does not even respond. I might be wrong, but isn’t this a crucial feature that should have been implemented already in Scrivener?

I’m not sure I’m following what you’re trying to do, I think.

This is what I get:

  1. ctl-opt-cmd-F and enter search term. This will take me to the first matched document and highlight the anchor for the matched footnote in the text. All the footnotes for the document will appear in the right-hand panel (if the Comments Footnotes panel isn’t visible ctl-opt-cmd-L).

  2. If I click outside the highlighted matched term in the main text, and then mouse back over it, the cursor changes to a finger and clicking will highlight the relevant footnote in the panel. (This doesn’t seem to work if you don’t click outside the highlighted anchor first.)

  3. Double click on the relevant footnote in the panel and it can be edited. (And a normal cmd-F find will work within that footnote.)

Unless there’s another way I haven’t found (and I’m only a user), then steps 2 and 3 seem a little long-winded – I’d prefer to avoid all that mousing as I like keyboard shortcuts – but it does seem to work.

Am I missing something?

Thanks for the clarification. Yes, Formatting Finder will find footnote marker by highlighting it blue. I just tested and it worked! I appreciate you walking me through.

No problem – I learnt something myself by doing it… It’s an amazing program.