Search within Snapshots

Hi there,

I was hoping that in a future version it would be possible to search for text or footnotes within snapshots. Often when I am redrafting a chapter or article I will cut out a quote or source, but then decide to use it later. At the moment I need to remember which document and version the quote was last in, or copy and paste the document into a ‘drafts’ subfolder, which gets a bit messy.

Also, it would be great if you could ‘pop out’ snapshots like QuickReference panels.

Many thanks!


I second this idea, and would like to piggyback another idea on the top of it, if that’s okay.

Would it be possible to make snapshots hold onto the document notes, keywords, and references associated with the text at the time that the snapshot is made? Sometimes my document notes change, or references that made sense with one snapshot don’t make sense with another, but maybe I want to go back and see what they were. I can’t imagine this would be too difficult to implement, as the snapshots already save the annotations, comments, and footnotes of a document.

Yeah, that would be good too! Great idea Sanguinius.

Just in case you are not aware, in the meantime, you can copy and paste from the snapshot to a new document to see what the comment/footnote says. But it would be awesome if this info is all accessible from the snapshot view, as you suggested.