Searched text not highlighted in document[BUG LOGGED]

If I type in a search term the documents are listed in the binder area but the searched for text is not highlighted in any of the documents.

I believe that was a feature described in the tutorial.

I’m noticing the same thing.

The ctrl+F search function also has some problems. First of all, when I search inside a single document that way, there’s an extremely light highlight placed over the word I’m searching for, only a few shades darker than white. This might be a bug or just a design flaw, but the highlights should be much darker in order to be visible.

Second, when I search for a word, only occurrences after the cursor are found. If the search term appears earlier in the document than the cursor’s current location, nothing happens.

Thanks. There’s a fix for the light highlight color. It’s been changed to red. I’ll need to refine it to ensure it’s rounded etc. at the moment it’s just an ugly red block highlight in beta 1.3.

As far as the search before cursor goes. That’s a bug and I’ll need to address that. Thanks.


I use the Mac version of Scrivener 2 and am experiencing the problem with unhighlighted text now. When I use project search, a bunch of documents show up in the lefthand pane, just as they should. When I click on one of these documents, the section of the document with the highlighted search phrase appears only about half the time. The other half it takes me to an apparently random point in the document (or perhaps my last scroll location in that document) with no visible highlights. Sometimes I can find a highlight if I scroll a bit.

You might want to post this over in the Mac forum where they are better able to help you.
Hope this helps…