Searching across project for keywords

So I’m doing a rather large research project and I was getting into one of the parts where I was hoping Scrivener could give me some assistance. I’m trying to find, for example, all the places in the project where a word is… could be a name, a character, or a place, but the only thing I seem to find is the standard “CTRL + F” feature, and the project and text statistics don’t seem to give me any leverage here. Is what I’m trying to do not actually feasible?

Hi hungryghost,

I’ll assume you’re on Windows Scrivener v1.9.16.

I think what you’re looking for is the Project Search feature.

For a brief overview of Project Search, see Step 12: Project Search in the interactive tutorial (Help > Interactive tutorial)…

For a detailed explanation, see the manual, section 20.1.2 Project Search (Help > Scrivener Manual).

After you’ve played with it a bit, let me know if you have any specific Project Search usage questions.