Searching by status

I’ve been playing around with the features of this program–which is wonderful by the way–and I was looking into the search features. I read in the manual that you can search using the status labels (first draft, second draft, etc…) set up in the inspector. However, I do not see this search option included in the drop down menu in the search bar (I mean the magnifying glass in the upper right hand corner, just in case anyone needs clarification). Is this a feature that is yet to be added, or am I simply missing something?

Click the triangle beside the magnifying glass for the drop down menu and select status. What version of the software are you using. The latest is 1.0.3.

I’m running the program up to date at version 1.0.3. For some reason the only search options I am given are title, text, notes, synopsis, and keywords–no status option. Would this have something to do with changing the status statements from their default settings? I did delete the default ones. Perhaps I broke it somehow. :frowning:

Thanks for all of your thoughts on this problem. I am going to open up a new project and see if the status search is available there. That should give me a better idea of what may be going on.

Hmmmm. Very interesting. I opened a new project and there it was: search by status. Too bad we don’t yet have the capability to import scrivener projects into other scrivener projects. I will have to get creative and figure out the most painless way of moving my files over to the new project as I would really like to take advantage of this search feature. I think I will refrain from deleting the default status statements in the future. For some reason I have a feeling that was what broke the search by status feature.

Sorry for the double post.