Searching for a Beginner's Guide for MMD for Scrivener

I’m hoping to learn how to use MMD in Scrivener. At the moment, though, I’m being thwarted by my own ignorance and extreme frustration. I’m desperate for direction.

Where can I find a manual that will help me learn the basics for using MMD in Scrivener? Everything I’ve found so far assumes that I already know what I’m doing and offers advanced advice. The fact is, I don’t know where to put the first command or embed the first bracket. Do I do that directly in my Scrivener pages? As inline annotations? Does it have to be done later in a separate piece of software?

I’ve downloaded Fletcher’s MultiMarkdown installers for Mac. As far as I can tell, the appropriate files have been created in the Library’s Application Support folder. The command-line output says it’s there and it’s working. How do I make use of it? More importantly, how do I get Scrivener to make use of it?

On several occasions, the instructions I’ve found have said, “Under the File menu, select ‘MultiMarkdown Settings…’.” My updated version of Scrivener v2.1 (14118) has no such option. So, to what are the instructions referring? This is part of my frustration.

I want to learn. But I’m having an exceedingly difficult time finding any documentation for real beginners. Suggestions and constructive ideas would be most appreciated. Thanks!