Searching for a string in zipped projects

I’m not sure what happened (I probably accidentally deleted it or overwrote it) but there are some scrivenings that I can’t find in my project. I have twenty five zipped backups and I think I can come up with a string that would select the scrivening I would want.
I think the right approach is to

  1. Turn off backups in Scrivener (If not opening each backup will create backups of the backup)
  2. Unzip each
  3. Do searching
  4. If I find the scrivenings I want copy them back to current project
  5. Turn backups back on

I’d chop off a few of those steps. No need to load and search each backup individually in Scrivener, if what you are looking for is a string. If you were looking for something more proprietary (like the presence of a snapshot that you misplaced) then it might be better to load them all—but since Spotlight will pick up any files you extract from a zip file, you might as well just use that to locate the phrase. Unzip them all at once in a temporary location (copy them out of the backup folder first), give Spotlight a second, and then use it to search for the string. You can command click on a result to show its position in the Finder. If you are getting too many results, I’d click the all results button and add a criteria for “Kind” and type in “Scrivener” so you just get projects.