Searching for deleted text in Finder shows the right project, but can't find it IN the project

I had a Sync issue and accidentally kept the wrong version of my project. In doing so, I lost a bit of writing. I can’t find the right version in any of my backups, and I stupidly didn’t take a snapshot of it.

However, Scrivener seems to still have the text SOMEWHERE, because when I search in Finder using words that I know were specific to that section (i.e., that don’t appear anywhere else in the project), the project pops up. But when I open the project, that text is nowhere to be found. I search the entire document and it’s not there… but Finder, apparently, can see the text.

I tried “viewing package contents” and combing through the individual RTF files, but I don’t see the deleted text in any of those files.

Anyone have any ideas of how I might recover that text?

I solved this myself and figured I’d post it.

From the terminal, I used “grep” and searched through ALL files for the particular text. The search.indexes files from the backed up projects appeared. I opened them with TextEdit, and was able to located the missing text.

This is a highly specific issue, but hopefully this will help someone… :smiley:

If the text was in backup files created by Scrivener, it is possible to open those through Scrivener > Preferences > Backups > Open Backup Folder.

This might help anyone not familiar with grep.