Searching for Highlight Colors


I’ve read the manual thoroughly, and looked for other forum ideas, but can’t seem to resolve this one.

I think I get that I can use a special “Scrivener Swatch” for custom colors, and I can name them as I choose. The challenge is that I can’t easily associate the “color” (appearing in the little box at the bottom of the color wheels) so that the “Find by Formatting>Highlighted Text>Limit Search to Color xxxr” will actually yield the special color I chose and named.

For the future, it would be great to see the names in the Format>Highlight menu, but I only see color names and don’t see anywhere where those can be changed (as none of the custom “names” I’ve chosen seem to appear anywhere other than in the color palette).

In the meantime, how can I be sure that the custom color I’ve attached to a specific “Highlight Color Name” is the one being used in the Find>Highlighting search? There seems to be no straightforward way to do this unless I’m missing something.

Thanks for the help on this.

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Hi Lary,

Names are already used in the Format > Highlight menu, provided that you named the colours in the “Scrivener” palette of the colour swatch:

If no name is associated with the colour, then the menu will use the name of the closest colour identified by the OS (which is a very rough match). For those custom colours at the bottom of the palette, just drag them into the “Scrivener” palette and name them there:

To ensure that the colour is used in the Find > Highlighting search, you can select it from the pop-down:

Or, click on “Show Colors…” to open the colour wheel:

Then select the colour you want to search for from the “Scrivener” palette. Clicking on a colour in the palette will now cause it to be used by “Limit search to color”.

Hope that helps.

All the best,