Searching for multiple words in one go

As part of my workflow when I’ve finished a draft I do a search on some ‘weasel’ words that I don’t like using but creep into my first draft - eg about, suddenly, somewhat, eventually, finally etc. I have a long list of these words.

Now usually I do an individual search for each word and go through the text each time dealing with each highlighted instance. Is there any way that this can automated so that I can search for all the words in one go. Not necessarily in Scrivener but in an exported draft :question: I have Word 2008 (Mac) but macros seem have been removed. I also have Pages.

Any help gratefully received.



PS I’ve just looked at Nisus Writer Pro which has macro functionality. Is it something I could do in there?


Can’t you just use Scrivener’s search field (in the toolbar) with “any words” checked in its menu?

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P.S. This really belongs in the Tech Support forum but I’m too lazy to move it right now…

Additionally, once you set up this “Any Words” search, you can save it and then drag this saved search between projects so that it is always available.

Could it really have been that simple?! I feel a bit of a fool now :blush:
But a happy fool…

PS Having said that one can’t presumably combine single words and phrases (ie sort of) in the same query. I’ve tried putting phrases in quotes but it doesn’t work.

PPS Also, this means that it is not looking just for whole words. So looking for ‘now’ means that all instances with now in the word are also highlighted. Perhaps I’m asking too much?

Yes, those are limitations at the moment, I’m afraid. Give me a poke after 2.0 is released next year and I’ll happily refine this in a 2.x update release - I don’t want to add anything else to the 2.0 list though in case my head explodes. :slight_smile:

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