Searching For Non-Alphanumeric Characters


Is it possible to search a scrivener project for characters like a new line (carriage return), tabs or page breaks? I can do it in MS Word and Open Office so I wondered if it’s something that I can do in Scrivener.

I’m using version 3 on Windows 11.



It works using Find / Find... for line-breaks and tabs. (Not for page-breaks tho.)

But I don’t think it can be done using the other search methods.

Some RegEx perhaps would offer that possibility ?

RegEx: \n is line break; \t is Tab.

As Scrivener basically doesn’t know anything about pagination until you compile, there are no page breaks or section breaks to search for. That said, for interest, I believe the RegEx for page/section break is \f.




Yes, the editor gives the ability to enter a page break, but the way Scrivener is designed to be best used, by breaking your text up into small chunks that can be moved around as necessary, page/section breaks are best left to the compiler.

But each to his own. :laughing:


Hi Vincent,

Apologies for the time it’s taken for me to get back to you but thank you … that works perfectly :slight_smile:

Thanks to everyone else who commented as well :slight_smile:


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