Searching imported PDFs & Webpages

Can Scrivener 1.0.3(for Win) search within imported .pdfs and webpages.
Thank you.

It’s supposed to. From what I understand it works in the Mac-version. But in Windows I cannot get it to work, either. Nor can you set up another default viewer which would allow you to use the advanced search features of some viewers.

Thank you for your reply, StefanG.

Found this after posting.

“Searching in Scriveners imported .pfd’s”

I may have already addressed this in an email, but just for public record regarding the webpages:

There are several options for importing webpages. Pages brought into your project as Image or PDF won’t be searchable; those using Dynamic Web (whereby it loads the page in your editor, so it’s accessing the live page on the server rather than an archive–this is actually a link rather than an import), HTML or Plain Text will be. (Keep in mind though that Dynamic Web may include text in images, which won’t be searchable.) You can set the default in the General tab of Tools > Options…, which will always be used when importing via drag and drop; if you use File > Import you will always get the option to change it on each import.

To open a PDF in your regular PDF reader so you can search it, you can use Documents > Open > Open in External Editor (Ctrl+F5 or the icon in the right of the editor footer when a PDF is loaded will likewise open the file in the external editor). It’s not possible yet to select from within Scrivener which PDF reader you want to use if you have several; it will use the default application as defined by your file associations for the user account. I’d imagine most programs you’d have set to open PDFs would be capable of searching, though.

Thank you, MimeticMouton.

4 years later, is that still so?

It’s great to be able to organize web pages and pdfs, but annoying that I can’t copy without opening the external editor.

As an alternative, is it possible to automatically have the external editor open?