Searching in multiple projects, simultaneously ???

Greetings to all
I am the content user of scrivener for Mac. I have several projects, and one which is rather linear, tends to grow in filesize (2GB). This makes closing/backup slow. so I have split it up, by keeping the old one and then created a new similar one covering new entries. but I desire to be able to make searches cover the ‘old’ and the ‘new’ at the same time. I have looked into the forum but not really found anyone with same wish.
will anyone here have suggestions on how to treat this? where “this” is: having x different projects covering same subjects, how can I quick find the needle(s) in my haystacks??? :unamused:

Palle GreyT

I would have said use an external utility such as the excellent Find Any File. Unfortunately, AFAIK, none of them searches within package contents, which is where all your SCrivener files - per project - are located.

Mind you, I’m a Mavericks user and there may be something suitable in a later OS?

In theory Spotlight should have an index of the project’s contents and so searching for phrases that would be found within a project would bring it up as a result. Spotlight searches a bit fuzzier than Scrivener searches; not quite as useful in my opinion—but that kind of approach will be best overall since Scrivener itself cannot be fully “aware” of all your projects. It isn’t a file manager in that sense.