Searching in this forum

I am trying to search the forum for “annotation”, and it won’t permit it. The message is that “annotation” is too common a word. The forum engine also ignores “annotation” in any search string that contains the word (e.g., “print annotation”).

The forum uses PHPBB. I’m not sure if there’s a solution for stopping it preventing searching certain words. I’m sure there must be, but to be honest I haven’t had time to look into it just yet, although I certainly will do as there are a few other useful words that seem to get blocked. Sorry for the inconvenience.
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This may help … 95&start=0


I’ve had the same problem - searching for ‘cork board’ in the forum. Im just wondering what ACP is so I can fix it!


ACP is the Administrator’s Control Panel, so only I can access that and fix it.

Thanks Wock - only just got back from SF and loads to get through, but I’ll take a look when I get chance!

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Right, hopefully search should work better now… Thanks again to Wock.

Keith and all: works great now. Thanks for fixing things.

No problem captain!