searching labels and document order

I downloaded the beta for windows a few days ago. I have my current novel work-in-progress organized into chapters (folders) and scenes (documents). Each scene is labeled according to subplot.

I used a project Search (on labels) to see all scenes associated with a certain subplot. The correct set of scenes appears in to the Search Results pane–but they appear to be in a random order. I would like to see the documents in the order they appear in the binder.

What can I do to see my Search Results documents in binder order?

Thanks for any help you can provide.

Hi writeretc,

Thanks for trying out Scrivener! The search results not coming up in the correct binder order is a known issue (although I notice it’s not listed on the Known Bugs posted in the forum, whoops) so it should get corrected soon; unfortunately there’s not a way right now to make it sort properly for you. You can create your own static collection by selecting all the items in the search results, right-clicking and choosing Add to Collection…>Add to New Collection; you can then rearrange these in any order you want, so you could open your draft in the outliner, lock the editor (Alt-Ctrl-L) and then view your newly created collection and compare that to the list in the outliner to organize your scenes accordingly.

Obviously that’s a lot of extra work you shouldn’t have to do, and like I said, this will be getting fixed, but in the meanwhile it’s a way to get your list sorted properly.