searching multiple labels

is there an easy way to search for documents that have one of several labels - i have my scenes for each character labeled with their names. Is there a means to search using operands such as “+” or “and” or even a comma — so I can tell how many scenes I have with several groups of characters / without having to search each individual name and then tallying them together.

thank you as always !

Yes, just set your search options to “Any Word” instead of “Exact Phrase” which is the default. If you have 25 scenes labelled “Bob” and another 10 labelled “Joseph” and type in “Bob Joseph” with the Any Word criteria, you should get a list of 35 scenes.

Hey Amber - thank you… the brilliance of this program is so amazing !

You’re welcome! :slight_smile:

Similar question: what about searching keywords AND labels? In other words, find items that have a certain keyword AND a certain label?

Hold down Option or Command while selecting the types of data you want to search in the search menu to tick multiple options (e.g. “Label” and “Keyword”).

Hope that helps.

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Love it! Anything I’ve ever wished for seems to alway be in Scrivener already–it’s just a question of finding it. Thanks for the quick reply.