Searching PDF, "Find Next"

I’ve tried Apple G for “find next” but it doesn’t do anything that I notice.

I’m searching for a term within a pdf in the dual pane mode. I type in the term and all corresponding terms are highlighted in the pdf. How do I scroll through those highlighted terms? I’ve tried so many combos, I’m not finding anything. Please help if able!


Hi Mike,

It sounds like you’ve used the project search to find the term, so you just need to call up the regular find/replace (Cmd-F) and then (when the focus is in the editor showing the PDF) you can use Cmd-G to jump through each instance. The next update will fix it so you don’t have to call up the find/replace and will be able to just go straight to jumping through.

Hope that helps!


First call up the Find panel (cmd-F). Once that’s loaded, cmd-G will work even once the Find panel is closed again. This is a minor bug that is fixed for 2.0.6 - you shouldn’t need to call up the Find panel first, but for now this will work around the issue.

All the best,