Searching PDF

Is it possible to search for a word in pdfs that are in the research folder? If so, where is the HELP for this topic?

When you search in the search field in the toolbar, it searches the text of text files, PDF files and web archive files, and brings up a list of documents in the binder that match the search. You can then open up the PDF and use the regular find panel (cmd-F & cmd-G to continue the search) to search the text of the PDF file itself.

PDF files are not specifically mentioned under the find sections of the Help file because they work the same as other files in this regard, and searching is covered both in the Getting Started and Find Menu areas of the Help file.

Hope that helps.

It definitely does! You’ve just saved me about 100 hours of data-entry-for-no-good-reason!
Thank you!

After carefully editing the synopsis of 100+ pdf’s in the research folder to my liking, I noticed that they where not searchable any more… :frowning: Bug or feature?

I am having the same problem. If I trash the synopses-edited pdfs, reimport the original files, and leave the synopses alone, the pdfs become searchable as they should :question:

Holy &^%$! This was a horrible bug! Yes, you are right. If you edit the synopsis or notes of a PDF file or webarchive file, the searchable text of the file is overwritten with a blank string. Sorry! This is fixed for 1.02.