Searching questions

I notice that I can search annotations, but can I search footnotes or even just run through the sequence of footnotes so I can see what they are?

Are there regular expression searches? Can I search and replace on control characters? One of the things I often want to do is search for multiple carriage returns and remove them


Hi Alan,

I’m afraid there is no way to search for footnotes at this time, and also regular expression searches aren’t possible (instead of the latter, there is just the choice of “Exact Words/All Words/Any Words/Whole Word” from the search menu (the triangle in the search field).

You can search for control characters, though. The trick is just knowing that the search field is like a regular text field, so to enter a tab or carriage return into it you need to hold the Option key down. So, if you hold the Option key down and hit return twice, you will find all occurrences of double carriage returns. Then you just use the regular Find panel (cmd-F) to replace them all in each document.

At some point in the future - probably not until 2.0 because of the work involved, though - I would like to integrate the various search/find tools into a much more powerful tool that can show you context etc. Something like Xcode’s, or Ulysse’s, for instance.

All the best,