Searching scrivenings

What is the best way to search a set of scrivenings in the editor, typically a folder, but also a more random set of selected files?

I press Ctrl+F to open the dialog and type in what I want to find. It finds it. Then I press F3 to Find Next. But it will not search beyond the current document. It gets to the end and then flashes a “Started from the beginning.” But there are remaining instances in the later files in the scrivening.

How do I search a “live” scrivening across the boundaries of its component files?

Thank you!

Ctrl+F does a document search. Try the full project search via Ctrl+Shift+F.

But isn’t there a way of just searching the current scrivening set as a “virtual” single document, just as it’s being displayed and edited as a single “scrivening unit”, where you can just F3 through the text?

I seem to recall from when I was using version 1 that there was a more fluid way of searching through a longer scrivening.

The search changed. Ctrl+F brings up the document search. Ctrl+Shift+F brings up the project search. Project search is what you would use in Scrivenings mode. You also have the header bar you can click in to do a quick search.

There’s a way to search a document with Ctrl+F.

And a way to search the project with Ctrl+Shift+F.

And there is a Quick Search search bar at the top, under Ctrl+Win+G. This search box seems to offer a full project search and document search. And it also shows the word counts of both the current document and the full scrivening, so it is scrivening-aware. .

But the F3 key is not working across the full scrivening. If you keep the Ctrl+F “Find” dialog open, then you can repeatedly press Next and move through the scrivening.

Implicitly, it appears as though the F3 key and “Next” button are intended to do the same thing, as one is a “Find Next” command and the other is a “Next” button on a Find dialog, but they do not. The scope of F3 appears limited to the current doc, whereas the scope of the Next key is the full editor contents or scrivening. It is not clear in this instance why these would not work the same way,

That is indeed a bug. There are a few issues that remain to be fixed, with how regular document find (Ctrl+F) works in Scrivenings mode (such as not finding text in titles, when titles are included).

Oh, an indeed-a-bug – that is good to know! :smiley: It felt a little not quite right.

I would really love to be able to treat an impromptu scrivening as a single document for plain old “document search” purposes, just as it is for plain old editing… that is… without having to engage with more industrial strength search.

On the Ctrl+F Find box… I expect to see more scope options. But the best default (for me!) would be to just treat the scrivening like a single document.

Maybe add a way to get to the “by formatting” features directly from this box, with the search carrying over. .