Searching the Forum

This is not exactly a technical support question for the program, but it is not covered in the FAQ or Search “gear” icon. How do I search the forums and KB for an exact phrase, like “section type”? Quotes in the search box displays results that have either word, but not text “section type” in order.

I wish it was possible but the search engine doesn’t have that capability. If you click on the little gear button beside the search field you get a page with all of its capabilities explained and provided with a UI in some cases.

While you can do what you want from inside this forum tool (phpBB), you can do it via Google. on the search query will limit the results from L&L.
Putting a phrase in “double quotes” requires that the exact string be present. has a very complete list of 67 possible Google search operators.

I use Google most of the time when searching this forum and many others because I can refine the search results better.

The one down-side is that it takes a day or two for new posts to get indexed by Google while the actual forum tool indexes the data in near real-time.

It is often possible for sites hosting forums such as this to add a Google search box that limits the searches to the site or a specific forum. The result is they get the increased search capability for very little developer work.