Searching through open projects

In version 2.0, I could have 2 or more projects open at the same time and then search across the open projects. I did it all the time, day after day, week after week, and it was a tremendously useful feature saving me hours of work. Something has changed, perhaps my settings, and I can no longer do those kinds of searches.

Here was my setup: At startup Scrivener launched three projects, layered one on top of the other. When I performed a search on the visible project the search would include the hidden projects and deliver a list of hits in all three projects. The results would come up on the visible project screen. The hits in the top project would be listed first, followed by the hits in the two layers of projects beneath.

It saved me so much time. I’d loved to get that working again. Is there something I am missing? A simple change of settings I hope? I am using the current version right now and cannot remember where in the revisions I lost that ability but I dearly miss it.