Searching woes

Is choosing “all” under the search menu supposed to search for the word under all parts of the project documents? For me, it appears to search only the doc texts - e.g. no keywords, for example. Sometimes.

E.g. searching for the word “connection” using “all” gives me one doc with “connection” in the text, one with no sign of “connection” anywhere I can find, and one for which I had assigned “connection” as a keyword, but then deleted it. ??!! If I change “all” to “text”, I get a bunch of results (which is correct); “keywords” works fine too (and doesn’t give me the doc for which I deleted “connections” as a keyword).

Saving a search with “search binder selection only” doesn’t appear to work - there’s no way to call the search, since any selection gets unselected when the saved search is clicked, and the search doesn’t appear to keep the selection it was saved with. Clicking on the saved search finds the saved search itself.

I’m confused.

I am confused too.

If I search for the word “something” with the operators “Search In All, Operator All Words, Options Search Exportable Documents, Search Unexportable Documents,” I get NO results.

Change to “Search in Title” gives me 1 result. Change to “Search In Text” gives me 12 results. This is correct. But shouldn’t “Search In All” give me results then?

I cannot recreate this bug and I would really need a project with exact step-by-step instructions of how to recreate it. However, there is a bug in 1.01 whereby if you have any blank labels or status items, the search could behave erratically - this would affect Search All. Check File > Label & Status Setup to see if any of your labels or status items are blank.

As for the saved search not working if “Search Binder Selection Only” is selected, yes, this is true. I have disabled “Save Search…” in 1.02 if this option is selected, as really, saving a search in this situation has no real meaning (saving the selection with the search isn’t a good idea as documents may be deleted and so forth, and it’s a bit more complicated that that anyway…).


Yep, that’s it, Keith. I had a blank status item and replaced it with a dash instead. Everything is fine now. Thank you.