Season's Greetings!

A very happy Garpuday to you all. Especially to you, Garpu. Hope it’s a fun one!

Indeed. Have a good one, Garpu!

Thanks! Steve (who’s birthday is also today) and I saw the new Star Wars movie and then ate our body’s weights in sushi. The movie was quite good, and it’ll be interesting to see where they take it. (I saw the first one in the theaters, although I barely remember it.)

Happy holidays!

Garpu!! Belated [size=150]HAPPY BITHRDAY[/size], Merry Christmas, Happy New Year … and may The Force be with y"

Thanks! Heh, I think I actually had that birthday card back in the day. :slight_smile:

A little late to the party so… er… Happy Post-Garpu Day? :confused:


I’m laterest so far!

And while I wish you a happy birthday, I’m more intrigued by “I saw the first one in the theaters”. This would seem to imply that you have mastered traveling into the past as you could NOT be old enough to have been alive when Episode IV was originally released. Nor do I think you are foolish enough to consider Episode I “the first one”.

That out of the way, we watched Episode VII on the 24th. I have to admit that I enjoyed it. Much better than the horror of Ep. I - III. But it was still very … not right. Harrison Ford delivered what we (the son, Mrs and me) felt was the best performance of the movie. But that performance was more “I can’t believe I’m still doing this” than “let’s make a serious movie”. It may have been our collective interpretation, but that … sarcastic? cynical? give-me-the-cash-and-leave? … attitude kind of made everything else stand out as hyper “take us serious because we are in Star Wars”. This was huge incongruity killed the movie for us.


Ford nailed Han. Again. Every aspect of how he played Han felt like Ford was waiting to get back to this one role. The return to live models and costumes… The reuse of species from Ep IV - VI… Abrams really did try to get back to the glory of IV - VI.

Ignore every scene without Ford. Revel in Ford’s portrayal of Han. Laugh at the rest of the wooden overacted scenes.

Perfect movie.

Heh, actually I was about 3 or 4 in 1977-8. I barely remember the first movie, but I was there. (I remember getting out of the theater and it being really, really late. Of course when you’re 3, 8 p.m. is probably late.) The viewing I most remember was seeing it again in (I think) '79. I also remember catching the Star Wars radio plays religiously.

Arguably, I’ve been a Star Wars fan about as long as I’ve been a Doctor Who fan. When I started watching that, WTTW was playing it in the afternoons–I’d come home from Kindergarten and tune in to whatever the Doctor was doing. It shifted to late on Sunday nights not long after. Like John Barrowman, I spent many, many Monday mornings in a sleep-deprived haze. Growing up on a steady diet of Monty Python, the Two Ronnies, Dave Allen at Large, and Doctor Who probably explains quite a bit. :slight_smile:


Judging by that :unamused: lot, you’re more of a Brit than I am. God help y’ :laughing:
Take care

I learnt (heh) some UK spellings because I wanted to piss off my 5th grade teacher. She nearly went apoplectic at “gaol.” It bit me in the ass, though, several years later, when trying to get Civilization 5 working (before its Linux port) and kept making a link to it as “Civilisation.”

Serves you right!

Vic-k-y, how are you holding up in the floods?

Jaysen, you beat me to it. I tried to send Vic a PM the other day but it got lost in cyberspace, and then with daughter and family arriving, I haven’t had time to get back to it.

I’ve been worried about you Vic, especially in the last storm which flooded Manchester and the news mentioned the floods reaching Salford. I’ve been thinking of you hoping all’s well, though fearing the worst. But since you have been quipping with Garpu, at least you’re still on-line.

Mr X

Cripes. Just looked at the news. That’s scary flooding, not the merely annoying kind.

Sure is. Cumbria — places like Keswick. Appleby. Glenridding, have been flooded 4 times in the last month by a succession of storms. In Pooley Bridge, the old bridge has been washed away, as has the mediaeval bridge in Tadcaster in Yorkshire. Also on the East of the Pennines, Sowerby, York and Leeds have been badly flooded, and this evening places southern Scotland, particularly Dumfries have suffered severe flooding.

And there’s another big weather system coming in from the Atlantic in the next few days.

This evening’s estimate is that the damage from all these floods is nearing £6 billion.

Mr X

Oh ugh. That’s the kind of flooding that moves from “Crap, we’re going to have to replace the drywall on our lower floors” to “We lost the house/escaped with our lives.” :frowning: